Understanding needs - Self assessment

Some issues to think about when completing this:

Do we understand the size and profile of the communities that we work with?

Do we speak to people and gather qualitative information about their needs and experiences?

Do we make sure that we regularly update our understanding of needs?

Do we know what we can do to meet these needs more effectively?

How well are our services based on a clear understanding of the needs of:

  Not at all A little Fairly well Strongly
minority ethnic communities
people with disabilities
faith communities
young people
lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) people
older people

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If you answered:

Not at all or a little for some equalities groups – you need to explore the needs of people in these groups in your area and put this knowledge into practice. Speak with colleagues and partners about how you can conduct the six stage needs assessment set out here.

Fairly well or strongly for some equalities groups – you should make sure you stay up-to-date with the needs of people in these groups. This might mean staying in regular contact with some organisations or networks. Or, you might want to plan another needs assessment at a later date. Look at the other sections in the Toolkit to see what else you can do to embed equalities in your organisation.


The How Good is Our CLD self assessment framework requires CLD providers to think about:

  • access to specialist services to meet specific needs.