Promoting our activities - Self assessment

Some issues to think about when completing this:

Do we make sure that our activities are promoted in a wide range of ways?

Do we target promotion at particular groups?

Do we ask people from equalities groups where they would like to hear about our activities?

Do we monitor how effective our promotion is?

How well do we actively promote our activities to people from all equalities groups?

  Not at all A little Fairly well Very well
minority ethnic communities
people with disabilities
faith communities
young people
lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) people
older people

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If you answered:

Not at all or a little for any groups – you need to consider carefully which equalities groups are particularly important to target. You should discuss this with partners and colleagues. If you haven't done a needs assessment this can be a good starting point in understanding the characteristics of people who might access CLD provision in the area. Where you need to improve your promotion, you should visit the Find out more links and work with equalities organisations in your area in developing your approach.

A fair amount or very well for any groups – you should initially focus on promoting your activities with people from the other equalities groups. Then visit the other sections of this resource to find out what else you can do to promote equality in your work.