Documenting Equality - Self assessment

Some issues to think about when completing this:

Do we have a written equality strategy?

Do we keep a written record of our assessments of policies for their impact on different equality groups?

Do we have a written policy on harassment and discrimination of service users and staff?

Do we emphasise our commitment to equality in promotional material, other policies and strategies, and so on?

Do we publish our equalities monitoring information?

Are equalities issues covered in our induction training and CPD?

To what extent do we document our commitment to equality?

  We don't We do a little We do a fair amount We do fully
minority ethnic communities
people with disabilities
faith communities
young people
lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) people
older people

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If you answered:

"We don't" or "We do a little" – you should discuss with colleagues how you can do better. Look again at the information in this section, and visit the Find Out More links for further ideas. Once you have the basics in place, you can improve and develop your approach over time.

"We do a fair amount" or "we do fully" – it sounds as though you have the basics in place. You should consider whether the commitment within the organisation can be stronger, whether your policies and practices take account of all equalities groups, and whether more can be done to embed the messages in your documents across the organisation.