A proactive approach

In demonstrating your approach to equalities, it is very important to remember to take a proactive approach.  Having certain policies and practices on paper is one thing, but for them to be really useful, they should actively overcome the barriers certain equalities groups might face. 

The best way to do this is by working to embed the approach in a range of ways across the organisation, based on the needs you have assessed.  It is important that equalities groups can see and understand your commitment. 

Sometimes this will involved changing attitudes:

Embedding equality in your organisation's activities will probably mean that you have to challenge the attitudes which people hold about different communities, individuals or groups.

Importantly, you will have to think about your own attitudes.  Everyone has their own perceptions, which develop through your everyday life and experiences.  Understanding that these attitudes can shape the way that you deal with different situations is a very important first step."

Scottish Government, Same Difference Resource