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It is important to document your commitment to equality for a number of reasons:

  • There might be legal obligations on your organisation to explain its approach;
  • It is good practice to explain publicly how you will address equalities issues; and
  • It can be an important way of embedding equalities

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There are a number of specific ways your organisation might show its commitment to equalities:

  • An equality policy and action plan (including race equality policies and schemes)
  • Staff policies that ensure equality in recruitment and work
  • Embedding equalities in existing plans

Each of these approaches will be discussed in greater detail in this section. 

Although it is very useful to have specific polices, strategies and schemes in place, it is important that equalities are not seen as something additional.  To ensure everyone develops ownership and understanding of an organisation’s equalities commitment everyone should be made aware of and be encouraged to actively use the documents.  The last part of this section also explains how you can embed equalities in other documents and plans.