An equality policy and action plan

An equality policy states your organisation’s attitude to rights and equality in the workplace. By drawing up an official policy you are making a commitment to rights and equality that you can be held accountable for”

Source: The Equality and Human Rights Commission

According to the Equality and Human Rights Commission, a good policy should:

  • State your values and how you intend to put them into practice
  • Show people you are serious about fairness in the workplace
  • Help people understand how they are expected to behave and what they can expect of your organisation.

Putting your equality policy into practice is even more important than having one.  The Equality and Human Rights Commission and ACAS both suggest you should develop an Action Plan to help you do this:

A good action plan makes sure that your equality policy’s goals are translated into real changes and improvements in your working practice.

Your action plan should set out the actions you will take to deliver on your commitments.  It could include key activities, deadlines and targets.  It might also set out how failures will be tackled, and how often progress will be reviewed. 

For an Equality Plan to be effective everyone within an organisation needs to know about it, and be familiar with their responsibilities.  This includes staff who are involved in recruitment, appraisals and line management and training.