Embedding equalities in existing plans

A “mainstreaming” approach (where equalities is part of existing work, rather than an additional and separate area of planning and activity) can be an effective way of demonstrating a commitment to equalities, and embedding the approach throughout an organisation.  You might think about how equalities can be embedded in:

  • Local Single Outcome Agreements and Community Plans
  • Local Improvement Plans
  • Community Learning and Development Strategy.

Developing or reviewing these plans (or the parts you are responsible for delivering) can be an important opportunity to ensure you are planning effectively to meet the needs of equalities groups.

The Scottish Government's ' Working and Learning Together' guidance stresses that Community Learning and Development Strategies must "demonstrate significant community involvement". Your CLD strategy - whether for all communities or focused on equalities groups - should demonstrate engagement with equalities groups.

Self Assessment

If you want to explore how well you currently document equalities, complete the self assessment at the top of the page.