What information should we gather?

You can access an up-to-date LOTIS equalities monitoring form by visiting the LOTIS section of Glasgow's Learning

You should:

  • Gather information on a range of characteristics -  You should try to gather all of the information on this form – otherwise you can’t assess whether there are inequalities or barriers.  But, it does take time to build up trust.  You may find it useful to start by gathering some information, analysing this, and then including more questions on your form.
  • Work towards a culture of equality - Guidance on gathering monitoring information about sexual orientation, religion and gender identity emphasises the importance of firstly creating a culture of equality in the organisation.  This is by no means an easy task, and will take time.  But it will ultimately support you embed the approach. 
  • Build on your current position - If your organisation doesn’t currently do much equalities monitoring, you may want to start by introducing some of this monitoring information – and build up to asking all of the questions over time.  Or, you may want to ask some basic questions to gather equalities information when people first make contact with you.  Once you have built up a relationship with them, you could move on to ask more detailed questions.

Are you already monitoring equalities?
This resource does not suggest that you have to use the form provided in this resource – you might already have systems in place that gather all of this information.

It would be very helpful if you could compare the standard questions on the form provided in this toolkit, with the questions that you ask already – and see if you can make them consistent over time.  This means that we can share information, and analyse it across the city in a meaningful way.

It’s worth remembering that the questions on the form provided in this toolkit are based on the advice given by equalities organisations about how best to phrase questions to obtain a high response rate from service users.