Who should I share monitoring information with?

It is important to monitor equalities issues in a consistent way across the city – it allows us to share information to enhance our understanding and improve services.

Sharing with other community learning providers
Each year, the Community Learning Partnership asks all CLD providers to provide a copy of their equalities monitoring information.  Information gathered from across the city will enable the Community Learning Partnership to develop a good overview of how equalities groups are accessing CLD provision and target resources effectively.

Sharing more widely
It may also be useful to publish your equalities monitoring information on an annual basis (perhaps in your annual report) and make sure that service users are able to access a copy.  This will demonstrate to service users that you are making use of the information they provide you with, particularly if published alongside an action plan for addressing any inequalities identified.   


Example: openness and accountability improve community relations

Avon and Somerset Constabulary wanted to ensure that people knew exactly why equalities information was being gathered, and how it was being used.  It set out arrangements for:
  • publishing the results of equalities monitoring information; and
  • publishing impact assessments and consultations on equalities issues.
The aim was to increase openness and accountability and improve relations with local communities.  The organisation also outlined how it would increase public awareness and accountability for its race equality work. This served to improve relations with ethnic minority communities and increased confidence in the police force as a whole.