Why is equality important in my work?

It is important to think about equality - and the needs and views of people from equalities groups - for a number of reasons:

  • Human rights
  • Fairness
  • Ensuring services are accessible to all
  • Tackling disadvantage and exclusion
  • Operating legally
  • Duty for public authorities to promote equal opportunities
  • CLD is a route to wider engagement

Why is equality important in CLD?

As a CLD provider, your role is to make sure that people are able to develop their skills, experience, confidence and resources.  A central part of your activity is to offer support and guidance to disadvantaged communities, and assist people to make the most of opportunities available to them.  In this way, CLD activity can play a key role in promoting and creating equality in Glasgow. 

There are a number of CLD frameworks which explore the importance of equalities:

How Good is Our CLD has a Quality Indicator for Inclusion, Equality and Fairness.  It identifies a number of Indicator Themes that will help you understand and evidence the progress you are making.

These are:

  • Inclusion of excluded communities, groups and individuals;
  • Addressing barriers to participation;
  • Access to specialist services to meet specific needs;
  • Promoting inclusion, equality, fairness and positive attitudes to social and cultural diversity; and
  • Compliance with equalities legislation