Legal responsibilities and best practice

This section has outlined the key legal responsibilities you need to be aware of.  You can think of these as being the minimum standards in terms of equalities – rather than the basis for how you should actively promote equality through your work.  Although you need to be aware of the law (and it is essential you meet these basic responsibilities) you need to go further, and take a much more proactive role.  

The Scottish Government’s Same Difference Guidance says:

Actively promoting equality is central to CLD activity and resources should be targeted to socially excluded and disadvantaged communities. This can be done on a geographical basis or through identifying particular communities of interest or equalities groups”

In many cases, you work with excluded and disadvantaged communities - these can either be geographical (within a certain area) or thematic (sharing a certain characteristic). Thematic communities demonstrating social exclusion will clearly vary between different areas, but can cover a wide range of equalities groups.

The rest of this resource sets out best practice (rather than minimum standards) in terms of equalities.  This reflects the national policy on CLD and the commitment by the Glasgow Community Learning Partnership to really embed better approaches to equalities across the city.