Step five: analysis

When you have gathered the information you need, it is time to bring it all together.  It is important not to get overwhelmed by the information you have gathered – it may seem like a lot.  But you should take your time, and try and get to the heart of the information you really need.  

You should revisit what you decided at the scoping stage, to ensure you stay focused.  

There are a number of issues and elements of information you might want to draw out during your analysis:

  • Key facts about the equalities groups in the local community and the CLD provision;
  • The extent of involvement of particular groups or communities in existing CLD provision;
  • The strengths of the current CLD provision (in terms of equalities groups);
  • Barriers to engaging in CLD provision (these are likely to be quite different for different equalities groups); and
  •  Gaps in services.