Step one:  agreeing the scope

Before beginning any kind of needs assessment, you need to think carefully about what you actually need to know.  This is important, as it will ensure you focus on the right issues or groups of people. 

You should think about:

  • why you are gathering the information;
  • what geographical area you want to focus on;
  • whether there is a particular equalities group you want to focus on;
  • the kind of information you really need – and are going to use;
  • any existing information that might be available; and
  • how you will feed back to any participants.

There is no point in doing a needs assessment if you are not committed to acting on what you find.  Not only is it a waste of your resources, but it is unfair to ask people for their views then not act on them.


Your work on equality should relate to the overall aims for CLD in Glasgow.  When planning your needs assessment, you might find it useful to refer to the Scottish Government's Same Difference? resource.