Step six: making changes

At the end of the needs assessment process, you may want to do two things:

  • Share what you have learned – now you have taken the time to develop a better understanding of local needs, you might want to draw the information you found together in a way which others can learn from.  You could do this in a short written document, or by presenting your findings to a group of colleagues or the local community.  This can also be a useful way of providing feedback to those involved.  Remember, it is important to let people know how their views or information will be used. 
  • Put your knowledge into practice - Secondly, you should think about what you or your organisations will do as a result of what you have found.  You could do this by developing a strategy or action plan.  

Self Assessment

If you want to know how good you are at understanding needs,  complete the self assessment at the top of the page.